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Broadband SoHo FTTx MDU Services

BroadbandSoho is a FTTx MDU structured cabling provider of triple-play access to the small apartment community. We offer FTTP structured cabling to your MDU with triple-play hybrid cable, or direct fiber which will then enable your building to be FTTx MDU ready. This pre-wiring installation can help alleviate the process of your apartment building having the local FTTx service deployed. Our detailed installation is in complete compliance with your local FTTx provider, and each apartment unit is fully tested along with results saved for the FTTx  providers records. In some instances to alleviate service deployment cost, we can asses if your existing MDU cabling is sufficient for FTTx VDSL deployment. This option allows your property to eliminate an overbuild which includes construction cost that you may incur. Every property is unique, and certain solutions will simply be based on cost-effectiveness, to help you choose that solution contact us for a MDU site-survey.

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FTTx ONU / ONT Installation & Testing




Note:  At this time BroadbandSoHo only performs VDSL / Ethernet deployment installations in small buildings with a maximum of six floors using existing premise facilities, or new hybrid composite cable home-runs to living units.

Professional installation of the ONT (Optical Network Terminal) with UPS battery back-up system. (This includes the ONT / FDT mounting installation and associated accessories. Transfer of customer existing facilities to ONT Demarc labeled and documented.)

* MDU ONT Installation

* Centralized / Distributed ONT installation

* FlexNet (FMPS) Installation

* Exfo PON Power Meter (1310/1490/1550nm) testing

* ONT Test & Turn-Up with FSC / NOC

* Basement ONT Demarc installation for connection to existing facilities

* Pre-certify existing copper for VDSL service delivery (VDSL Testing)

* Hybrid composite cable installation to living unit with MDU Demarc panel

Note: In regards to certification of existing inside wiring we will clear any faults that can be removed. If existing inside wiring has complete failure (VDSL Tester) results, then new inside wiring will be installed to the living unit.


* MTU ONT Installation

* Outdoor / Indoor Centralized ONT installation

* Outdoor / Indoor FlexNet (FMPS) Installation

* Hybrid composite cable installation to each unit with MTU Demarc panel

* Ethernet Cat-6 (ISW) Inside Wiring to existing customers LAN CPE

* DS1 / T1 - POTS service extension


* Customer Installation

* Single Family / Multi Dwelling Unit

* ONT  / OPSU associated cabling & installation

* CPE Router installation via MoCA / Ethernet 

We offer the ability to perform residential & commercial FTTx customer installations for your company in a transparent capacity following your installation practices. We specialize in serving unique customer installs that may require a custom installation, of new inside wiring installed, or other unique requirements. From the initial ONT installation to extending the ONT's services to your customers, we have got you covered.


FTTP MDU - Various Installations          Click below pictures for detailed view

* VDSL Installation

Distributed Deployment - Tellabs 625 installed next to existing SAI located in stairwell. Existing facilities not capable of VDSL service. Installed hybrid-cable in existing pipe conduit to each unit, terminated with Leviton kit creating new unit demarc.

Tech Note:  This same scenario would be feasible for SFU ONT deployment to each unit. Indoor fiber drop cable extending from iFDT, using existing pipe conduit to each unit for connection to SFU ONT.


* SFU  Deployment Installation

We have partnered with several FTTx contractors to assist in Garden / High-Rise MDU deployments, which may consist of new construction (race-way moulding, unit fiber drop cable, iFDT) installations. 

* SFU  In-Line Riser Installation

This is an example of a new fiber conduit in-line riser installed, passing through each unit as the existing riser does. The option of core-drilling to create this maybe cost effective, compared to exterior moulding, or not having the ability to install indoor molding due to aesthetic value.



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