In-Building Solutions

The cellular industry has seen an explosive subscriber rate during the past several years attributed to the mass exodus of landline service by most americans. This growth also increased overall network traffic from supplemental services, mobile internet, and apps for just about everything you can think of today. While most have traded in the traditional landline for this all in one “mobile” device, today 70-80 percent of cell-phone traffic takes place indoors. This creates a challenging position for carriers, but with the recent in-building technology advancements, we are ready to assist you with the best option to bring the highest QoS to that challenging location.

Enterprise (DAS Distributed Antenna System)

We specialize in the installation of Enterprise (E-DAS), aka (RF Over Ethernet) rated multi-carrier distributed antenna systems. This market has been complicated for several years, but has gained considerable interest as more mobile data usage takes place indoors.

  • Small Office Buildings, Education, Healthcare, Hospitality applications
  • RSSI / LTE PCI-RSRP walk test (Pre / Post)
  • eNB / BBU or SmallCell Commissioning & Integration
  • DAS System Installation (CAT 6 Giga-Bit cabling to associated RAU’s / UAP’s)
  • DAS Commissioning & Integration
  • Carrier NOC ATP (SNMP Test)
  • Complete RF (PIM) / QoS System check
  • Remote out-of-band management module (Wireless)

Small Office / Hospitality / Carrier-Grade (Wi-Fi)

With the resilient dominance of Wi-Fi service primarily for internet connection at work, your local cafe, or hotel while on vacation, its the general de-facto while your indoors. Wi-Fi spectrum is a very good medium transport for broadband apps (NetFlix, Hulu, YouTube). Current technology advancements (802.11ax) Wi-Fi 6, and beam forming (MIMO) technology the network will be able to perform efficiently with user demand.

We support current systems that will provide sufficient capacity to your work force, and valued guests while at your hotel that now expect QoS Wi-Fi service when they vacation.

  • Small Office Buildings, Education, Healthcare, Hospitality applications
  • Wi-Fi / WLAN Site Survey Test (Pre / Post) RF Signal, security, rogue AP access, packet loss
  • System Installation (CAT 6 Giga-Bit cabling to associated Access Points via POE)
  • AP Controller / Non-controller commissioning / Guest portal services
  • Wi-Fi / WLAN system backhaul integration if required
  • Remote management setup if required
  • Carrier-Grade HotSpot 2.0 AP services, with complete user interface pass-through testing

Smart Repeater (BDA Bi-directional Amplifier)

Repeaters can be cost-effective compared to small cell deployment when you have a temporary or unique customer location that requires a little amplification for QoS to that location. We are fully compliant with adhering to the new FCC rules for repeaters due to the adverse affects it can have on today’s LTE networks, and only use carrier approved industrial / smart repeater solutions. We perform these installations on a special request, and only with the wireless carriers consent.

  • RF / RSSI Site Surveys w/ Donor (pre/post)
  • System Installation (Antennas / Coax / Splitters)
  • Commissioning & Integration
  • Carrier NOC (RF) ATP performed
  • Remote out-of-band management module (Wireless)
  • Assist with FCC registration if permanent system installation


NexGen Wireless

Our wireless group specializes in the installation of carrier-grade (Enterprise DAS / Picocell / Small Cell) systems.

The following products assist wireless carriers in extending 4G (LTE) services where coverage may be challenging due to existing macro limitations.
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Our Multi Dwelling Unit (MDU) group specializes in various (vDSL / G.Fast), and GPON FTTx product installations.

We offer site survey, and infrastructure services for small MDU properties that will enable your residents the ability for triple-play broadband services.
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