Small Cells / C-RAN

Cellular service has made significant advancements over the years, and supplemental services have attributed to a vast amount of people making it their primary phone service. Continuing growth of mobile broadband services, and the increased cell tower bandwidth demand from users it has become more evident that some of this customer demand should be taken off the macro network where feasible.

Enterprise (Small Cells / C-RAN)
Indoor Solutions

Small Cells have shown rapid industry growth last year, and ABI research expects that growth to expand greater this year going forward. With the densification of many service provider networks, small cells provide an economical deployment with there advancement in SON / RF interference mitigation features. We provide installation for various enterprise stand alone small cells, and select C-RAN (Centralized Enterprise RAN) systems. C-RAN is very economical, and can be deployed within various building architectures that may only need strategic “hotspot” points of coverage.

  • Small Office Buildings, Retail / Malls, Hospitality applications
  • Dual mode Small Cells / LTE-U (Unlicensed) / LAA  (License Assisted Access) options
  • RF (RSSI / LTE PCI-RSRP) Walk test (Pre/Post)
  • Small Cell Installation (Backhaul / GPS or 1588 integration / CAT 6 Cabling)
  • Small Cell Commissioning & Integration
  • C-RAN System Installation (Backhaul / GPS integration / CAT 6 Cabling / Ethernet switches)
  • C-RAN Commissioning & Integration
  • Carrier ATP / e911 VoLTE call testing
  • Remote out-of-band management module (Wireless)

Carrier Service (Small Cells / C-RAN)
Small Cell Outdoor Solutions

Small Cell outdoor deployments come with specific challenges from site acquisition fees to power requirement issues. You must decide where the best locations for deployment are the most economical for you and beneficial to your customers. With that said most carrier service Small Cell vendors now have complete database options for this in mind, along with dark fiber backhaul carriers. We provide various support for this outdoor solution, and are creating future services for outdoor C-RAN (Fronthaul) installations.

  • Residential, Downtown HotSpots, Hospitality applications
  • Stealth / Street furniture / Power installations
  • RF (RSSI / LTE PCI-RSRP) Walk test (Pre/Post)
  • Small Cell Commissioning & Integration
  • Backhaul integration (Fiber / Wireless)
  • Carrier ATP

C-RAN Fronthaul (CPRI Services)

  • Fronthaul CPRI extension
  • CPRI interface panel (Testing / Troubleshooting)
  • CPRI (CWDM) Mux installation / CWDM 16 channel testing
  • RRH / RRU site installation
  • Carrier ATP


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NexGen Wireless

Our wireless group specializes in the installation of carrier-grade (Enterprise DAS / Picocell / Small Cell) systems.

The following products assist wireless carriers in extending 4G (LTE) services where coverage may be challenging due to existing macro limitations.
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Our Multi Dwelling Unit (MDU) group specializes in various (vDSL / G.Fast), and GPON FTTx product installations.

We offer site survey, and infrastructure services for small MDU properties that will enable your residents the ability for triple-play broadband services.
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