Public Safety / Military

In today’s changing times our first-responders dispatch to various incidents. This puts a tremendous amount of stress on that first-responder, and the least of their worry should be an inadequate form of wireless communication. Broadbandsoho can’t agree more, as we have a personal connection to this field of service.

Today’s first-responder network is based on LMR service, with a vast amount being APCO P25 systems. As with any system it has one disadvantage, how does the first-responder pass large amounts of broadband data during high-scale mission critical events. With these large scale events, and multiple jurisdiction response high-speed broadband service for incident field command is crucial. These large scale events are just one of many examples, and LTE has the ability to compliment LMR service today making the first-responders job just a little easier.

FirstNet has been formed with the responsibility to create a first-responder network across the United States, and BroadbandSoHo’s primary focus is to make sure in small enterprise buildings when the first-responder keys their mic … it’s always 5by5 !

Public Safety Awareness

PS-LTE Enterprise (NFPA Repeater, Small Cell, E-DAS Solutions)

We specialize in making sure the public safety LTE band 14 service is present when in-doors. As LTE will compliment LMR service today, your extended service can also be carrier agnostic via the use of LMR / LTE public safety PTT apps from these two leading LMR providers (Harris PTT App / Motorola PTT App). These available solutions today can be incorporated with your personal smartphone, or through the use of your departments Harris XL-200P / Sonim XP8, which can also use the ESChat LMR / LTE PTT included app. These apps, and current use offer a great look into the future migration of LTE public safety as a whole.

  • Band 14 NFPA Repeater / Small Cell / E-DAS installation
  • eNB / BBU (FirstNet Approved) Commissioning & Integration
  • Band 14 RF (RSSI / LTE PCI-RSRP) Walk Test (Pre / Post)
  • LMR / LTE PTT APP test with your local dept call groups

PS-LTE (Network In Box, Disaster Recovery Solutions)

Your PS-LTE network must be ready to survive what’s thrown at it not only data capacity wise, but from mother natures worst forces aswell. Today you have an evolving choice of technology options to get your first-responders back on line if your existing macro network is taken off-line. One option is NIB (Network In a Box), and COW (Cell On Wheels). These two options together will fill in any gaps you have encountered in the macro network until repairs are completed. BroadbandSoHo can assist in building customized COW’s for your department, to NIB installation for incident command vehicles.

  • Band 14 Custom COW (Cell On Wheels)
  • Emergency Backhaul services (Satellite to Small Cell service)
  • PS-LTE NIB / Small Cell Disaster Recovery Solutions

Military LTE (Network In Box, Microwave Installations)

The military requires a secure, robust communications network that can be rapidly deployed. This network must deliver triple the bandwidth capacity it currently has in the field for the new technology products assigned to vehicle fleet, base deployments, and man packs. The military has taken a detailed look at LTE COTS (Commercial Of The Shelf) systems, and currently working with strategic vendors for Network In Box solutions that meet their RDU (Rapid Deployment Unit) qualifications. BroadbandSoHo works with these strategic vendors to help modify, and install for joint testing inside field vehicles. Along with base tower 700 Mhz private network tests for field testing of new products within the military.

  • Custom COW (Cell On Wheels)
  • BATS (Broadband Antenna Tracking System) Microwave Backhaul services
  • General Dynamics Tactical LTE Fortress eNB / RRH Tower installation
  • NIB / RDU FIPS compliant test system installations


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NexGen Wireless

Our wireless group specializes in the installation of carrier-grade (Enterprise DAS / Picocell / Small Cell) systems.

The following products assist wireless carriers in extending 4G (LTE) services where coverage may be challenging due to existing macro limitations.
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Our Multi Dwelling Unit (MDU) group specializes in various (vDSL / G.Fast), and GPON FTTx product installations.

We offer site survey, and infrastructure services for small MDU properties that will enable your residents the ability for triple-play broadband services.
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