Training Services

With the current expansion of 4G (LTE-A) to the emerging 5G (NR) deployments wireless carriers are expecting field & tower technicians to obtain a greater depth of knowledge to complete the associated EF&I services. BroadbandSoho provides simplified easy to understand various online, and on-site training classes for specific carriers. We are not a specific OEM trainer, but what makes us unique is we provide “real field” best practice training that expands on what you may have learned from OEM training. This can be expanded “real field” troubleshooting techniques to supporting services such as CSR (Cell Site Router) commissioning to VoLTE ATP testing.

Field “Integration” Technician

As a field technician performing C&I (Commissioning & Integration) it’s your responsibility to have the skillset to completely turn up the cabinet, and perform e911 call testing. It’s a vast amount of carrier procedures to have knowledge of, and we offer beginner to advanced tutorials for your field operations team members.

  • eNB / BBU Cabinet Installation  
  • eNB / BBU C&I (Ericsson 5216 / 6630; NSN Airscale; Samsung CDU-30)
  • CSR C&I (Cisco ASR 901 / 920; NSN 7705 SAR)
  • BH Demarc / FrontHaul / Dark Fiber CWDM
  • VoLTE e911 PSAP / LAM Testing
  • RF Limited ATP / RF Drive Test (Accuver XCAL) 

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Tower “Tiger Team” Technician

Verizon LTE DAS head-end (Ericsson RBS6202) eNB (DUS) multi-unit installation. Integration, and commissioning with RAN NOC. Perform complete RF DAS POI hand-off testing.

  • eNB / BBU Pre-Com Installation
  • RRH / CPRI Troubleshooting
  • Antenna (RSSI; VSWR; RET Troubleshooting)
  • eNB / BBU laptop connection to verify alarm clearing

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Repeater WiMAX (BDA) Installation

Clearwire / Sprint 4G (WiMAX) BDA integrations at local Sprint stores, that required stable QoS signal from serving macro-cell.

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Motorola WiMAX SuperBowl Event

The 2010 SuperBowl was one of the premier launch events for Clearwire / Sprint 4G (WiMAX) service for all patrons to have a unique “hands on” interaction. The installation contained a compact cabinet, with redundant (WAP450) BTS configuration offering single sector service to the adjacent stadium.


NexGen Wireless

Our wireless group specializes in the installation of carrier-grade (Enterprise DAS / Picocell / Small Cell) systems.

The following products assist wireless carriers in extending 4G (LTE) services where coverage may be challenging due to existing macro limitations.
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Our Multi Dwelling Unit (MDU) group specializes in various (vDSL / G.Fast), and GPON FTTx product installations.

We offer site survey, and infrastructure services for small MDU properties that will enable your residents the ability for triple-play broadband services.
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